Monday, 15 August 2011

Belly-busting countdown...36 days left.

Holy moley have just realised have only 36 days left until our first beach holiday post Baby W's arrival.....and I'm still fat.  Fat and flabby.  At least around the tummy area.  Somehow have managed to lose enough weight from almost all other areas, boobs obviously not included, that appear almost as they did pre-pregnancy but NOT my tummy.  I have a 'MUMMY TUMMY'.  How is that really a kinder way of saying 'FLABBY BELLY'? All my own fault.  From about four months gone a meal just wasn't a meal without a pudding and should I manage to eat just two Cadbury Twirls at lunchtime it was a good day.  Now, here I am contemplating heading out in public in a bikini. I fear no amount of fake tan will hide this monster.

The really strange thing is that I'm sure I had this fear before I was pregnant and, looking back, I was really slim and, dare I say it, toned.  Why on earth was I worried?  I would gladly give my right arm to have that body back....although obviously may need the right arm as-well.

So.....I now have a plan.  All be it way too late for any hope of 'Baywatch Babe-ness' am now simply hoping to avoid making small children cry in horror, or worse, laugh.  My plan is two-fold and consists of thus:

1. Calorie counting.  "Nooooooo" I hear my inner-self cry but, hey, you got me into this mess.  In order to help me on my way am using a fantastic app I have just discovered on my i-Phone.  It is called 'myfitnesspal' and can be found online at  It has been really easy, though also quite shameful, to keep track of exactly how many calories I get through a day with a really simple in-built search function for almost any food or drink imaginable. Even better news, IT IS FREE!

2. Exercise.  Jeepers.  It has been a while.  I have opted for the 'cheaper than a gym' option of DVDs which am trying to cram in when Baby W sleeps.  Obviously some days this just doesn't happen.  For this I am alternating between Davina's 'Super Body Workout' and 10 minute solution's 'Blast Off Belly Fat'.  Have only just begin but I reckon must be working as after first few attempts at both it actually hurt to breathe for a while!

Am aiming to lose a stone.  Or half of one.  Or perhaps a few pounds.

MOO Score for myfitnesspal
Ease of use:★★★★
Value for money:★★★★★
Best bit: It is free!
Worst bit: The shame!

MOO Score for Davina's 'Super Body Workout' and 10 minute solution's 'Blast Off Belly Fat'
Too early to say
Stay tuned!

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