Day Zero Project

Well folks, here it is.....

To be accomplished by Wednesday 28th May 2014! Easy, no?

  1. Learn how to play Bezique ✔
  2. Take Spanish classes....again
  3. Finish wedding album
  4. Send Mum flowers for no reason
  5. Go out with old school friends
  6. Take my husband to Rome
  7. Go to France
  8. Get a doorbell
  9. Swim in the sea
  10. Take W to the zoo
  11. Go for a picnic
  12. Have neighbours round for dinner
  13. Eat in a Michelin star restaurant
  14. Sort through clothes and donate those won't wear again
  15. Get paving stones in front garden cemented in
  16. Hand-write my sister a letter
  17. Bring flowers to my grandparents' grave
  18. Drink no alcohol for one month
  19. Lose 10lbs
  20. Run Race for Life again
  21. Take Mum to an opera
  22. Go to the races
  23. Take hand and footprints of W
  24. Write W a letter on 1st birthday to open on 21st birthday
  25. Go to Dubrovnik
  26. Have another baby
  27. Write Mr B a love letter
  28. Own a VB dress
  29. Paint railings at the front of the house
  30. Drive a car
  31. Take Dad to see some live music
  32. Visit Auntie Bernie in Oz
  33. Bake and ice a cake
  34. Take W to Italy to see Uncle Ben
  35. Watch Amir Khan fight live
  36. Go swimming with my beautiful nephews
  37. Go to a cricket match
  38. Grow some giant daisies
  39. Get wedding dress dry-cleaned
  40. Cook Mr B roast goose for Christmas
  41. Give up something for lent
  42. Put photos of Alaska on canvas for dining room
  43. Buy a sofa bed
  44. Have afternoon tea with my Mum
  45. Go to a carnival
  46. Go to Stratford Mop again
  47. Ride a bike
  48. Play tennis with Mr B
  49. Dance with Mr B
  50. Build a sandcastle with W
  51. Build a snowman with W
  52. Go ice-skating with Mr B
  53. Teach W hop-skotch
  54. Fly a kite
  55. Beat Mr B at Trivial Pursuit
  56. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day
  57. Read a Mills and Boon novel
  58. Try to ski/snow-board with Mr B
  59. Find Lucy, nee Bain
  60. Go to a polo match
  61. Knit something....something simple
  62. Ask five friends to suggest one book and read them all
  63. Go to a vineyard
  64. Take W strawberry picking
  65. Go camping....jeez
  66. Inspire someone else to make their own list
  67. Find out my blood type
  68. Donate blood
  69. Drink a pint of Guinness in an Irish pub on St Patrick's day
  70. Get 5 favourite photos of W framed
  71. Re-read Romeo and Juliet
  72. Listen to someone speak at Speakers Corner
  73. Go to an open air concert
  74. Make a wish in a fountain
  75. Save £10 for each task I manage and take Mr B away somewhere nice with this
  76. Do not swear AT ALL for one week
  77. Donate £10 for each task I don't accomplish to Cancer Research UK
  78. Learn something about Greek mythology
  79. Look at my c-section scar
  80. Wean W off his dummy
  81. Get over phobia and peel a banana
  82. Go boating
  83. See some live comedy
  84. Teach Mr B Mah Jong
  85. Watch The Inbetweeners movie
  86. Potty train W
  87. Go somewhere, anywhere, on a barge
  88. Kiss in the rain
  89. Catch a fish
  90. Tip someone 100%
  91. Listen to ten songs suggested by my husband
  92. Listen to ten songs suggested by my dad
  93. Listen to ten songs suggested by my sister
  94. Listen to one song suggested by my son
  95. Toast marshmallows over a bonfire
  96. Have photos of me, Mr B and W taken in a photo-booth
  97. Go to a fireworks display
  98. Buy a homeless person a meal
  99. Host a poker night
  100. Build some Meccano with my son
  101. Make and float a paper boat with my son



  1. These sound fab, looking forward to hearing how you get on. X

  2. Thank already regretting no. 15 as spent all morning on hands and knees weeding out the front!

  3. Also yellow-days will be expecting active participation in numbers 5, 46 and maybe even number 20?!

  4. Fab! Can't wait to see if we complete our lists! Good luck & enjoy!

  5. You too. Will be following your blog so keep us posted! x