Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Noddy-Land on the Move...

.... AKA travel-cots.  Figured this is maybe something I should review as have so far purchased one good and one decidedly not-so-good one.  Let's start with the not-so-good.

This was purchased in my, "I can't possibly have this baby yet, we haven't bought one of these." state.  Why I felt travel cots were essential for Baby W's arrival, honestly, have no idea.  But I did.  In my panic I bought the first one I found which happened to be a Red Kite Sleep Tight travel cot.  At just £25 it was affordable and it is very sturdy and very secure.  That's the good bit.  The bad bit, it doesn't travel well.  Holey-moley this is heavy.  And big.  I imagine would require serious furniture re-arranging to fit into many hotel rooms.  I also found quite tricky to put up and collapse on my own, mainly due to the size and weight of it.  Am hoping may come in useful as a kind of temporary prison when W is more mobile and need to run out and fetch the washing.  If staying in one place, great. If travelling, not good.

So, with a holiday looming went in search of an alternative.  Ideally smaller and much, much lighter.  And found exactly that.  Second attempt was the Samsonite Pop up Bubble travel cot. At around £50 it was twice the price but does exactly what it says on the tin.  It pops up!  On its own! Stick 4 poles in and you are away.  And it travels well being both small and very, very light.  W has slept in it 3 times now and seems perfectly happy despite the size.  Should also fit at the side of the bed in almost any room.  Plus, it is not going to use up all of our luggage allowance this summer.  I love it.

God knows I love a bargain but this was worth digging a little bit deeper for.

MOO Score Red Kite Sleep Tight travel cot
Ease of use: ★
Value for money:★★
Best bit: Very secure
Worst bit: Too big, heavy and awkward to assemble on your own

MOO Score Samsonite Pop up Bubble travel cot
Ease of Use: ★★★★★
Value for money:★★★★
Best bit: Really portable
Worst bit: Relatively expensive

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