Monday, 22 August 2011

This Week Baby I Promise....

Spent a lovely Sunday afternoon yesterday at a christening with lots of lovely mummies, thanks Dom :).  As ever, felt great to have a collective rant, especially over cake.  General consensus is that parenting is tricky.  Some things come naturally, others will take a while, and some you may be doomed to be forever rubbish at.

So, have decided that I will aim to do one thing better for W each week.  Monday morning seems a good time to start so......

This week baby I dress you more often in proper clothes rather than keeping you in baby-grows because it is easier.

Am so glad that what you cannot currently see is me batting away his sticky little paws from the laptop.  'Yep just a minute W...'

Still plenty of rubbish parenting going on here.  Fear perfection may be many weeks away yet.


  1. baby grows are so cute tho :) and strieving for perfection is well and good, but balance is what makes people happy, there are very few truely perfect people out there :)

  2. Very true! Am hoping to run this post as a meme from Monday if you want to join in.....if I can figure out the techy bit that is! x