Thursday, 1 September 2011

Belly-busting countdown.....16 days left

Thursday again....

So far have been really good for one week, lost 1lb.  Have been really bad for one week, lost 1lb.  This week I was partly good, partly bad and, you guessed it...lost 1lb.  Not that I'm complaining, well am a bit, but a loss is still a loss just wish it was happening at triple the speed.

Will be on the beach in 16 days.  Not looking hopeful for bikini wear.

This week I am mostly hoping for a short sharp bout of food-poisoning.


  1. Ah you're doing so well! Don't get disheartened, remember you need to swap things about to keep your metabolism up! You can do it! :o)

  2. Good point. Am considering joining a local Zumba class but a bit nervous....????

  3. Well done! Don't knock losing a pound. They soon add up. x