Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day Zero Project: 1. Learn how to play Bezique, TICK

What, you may well ask, is Bezique? As I did when this was suggested by Mr B.  Wikipedia says....

Bezique is a 19th-century French melding and trick-taking card game for two players derived fromMarriage via Briscan by the addition of more scoring features, notably the peculiar liaison of Q and J, under the names BésigueBinokelPinochle, etc., according to the country. thats clear now then?  What on earth?

All I really know is that is a card game that my husband used to play with his Grandma as a child.  She sadly died recently and, in reminiscing about the good times he spent with her and his brothers and cousins, he was keen to play it again.  So this became number one on my Day Zero Project.

And last night we gave it a go.  It is basically a card game with all sorts of tricks and trumps.  Needless to say I lost spectacularly but it was lovely to have a night, just me and Mr B, not sat in front of the TV.

So there you have it.  Number 1 successfully ticked off the list.  Only another 100 to go.  

Now as twitter followers may have gathered a certain competitive edge is now apparent between 3 of us Mummy Bloggers.  In order to spur ourselves on there is a bit of a race on between myself, Love in the Nest and Boo and me.  Check out their lists to see who is ahead....I fear I am sadly behind at the mo.  Great progress girls.  We can do it!

This post is dedicated to the memory of Mr B's Grandma, may she rest in peace.


  1. Husband/Wife card games are a bit risky, aren't they? Obviously a sign of a very happy marriage! Hubs and I usually come to blows if we play stuff.

  2. Good point. Luckily no row ensued! Have no idea what went wrong with the font in this post. Am such a technophobe.

  3. Ah fantastic! I bet your husband really appreciated you learning how to play it. Sounds fun! Well done for ticking off your first task! Xx

  4. Thank you! How are you getting on? x